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Girls Varsity Lacrosse

2022 2022
2022 x 2022
Go Knights!

Grace Taylor

Girls' Lacrosse Varsity Head Coach

Samantha Repstad

Girls' Lacrosse Varsity Assistant Coach

Regan Murray

Girls' Lacrosse JV Head Coach

Peyton Brueher

Conditioning Coach/Assistant Coach

Lori Shandro

Girls' LAX Board President and Parent Contact

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Volunteers Needed!

BK Girls' LAX has parent volunteer opportunities!

Please contact Lori Shandro at to volunteer.

Eyewear Notice From the US Lacrosse site:

See the link here:

"Beginning January 1, 2020, all protective eyewear must be SEI certified to the current ASTM lacrosse standard F3077 in order to be regarded as legal for play. 

The product listing for SEI certified models is available here.

USL Memo on Girls’ Lacrosse Eyewear Compliance"

Key info: "At the High School level, eyewear worn on the field must be SEI certified and listed on the SEI site, however it does not have to have the SEI mark on it for the 2020 season."