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Girls Varsity Basketball

2021-2022 2021-2022
2021-2022 x 2021-2022
Kelly Pride

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Derek McCormick

Head Coach

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2019-20 Varsity Girls Basketball:

2017-18 Season

2019 All-Conference Awards:
4A - 2018-19-Coaches of the Year:
Varsity Girls Basketball
-Derek McCormick, Bishop Kelly
JV Girls Basketball -Mike Griswold, Bishop Kelly



2018 All-Conference Awards:

4A State Player of the Year:
Lydia Nieto
4A State 2nd Team:
Theresa Reeping
4A District III 1st Team All-Conference: 
Lydia Nieto & Theresa Reeping
4A District III Honorable Mention
Team All-Conference:

Gabby Keefe & Monica Behrend
2017-18 Team:
4A District III Champions
4A State 5th Place

2017 All-Conference Awards:

4A State and District III Player of the Year:
Lydia Nieto
4A District III 1st Team All-Conference: 
Theresa Reeping
4A District III 2nd Team All-Conference:
Gabby Keefe
2016-17 Team: 20-8
SIC League Champs
4A District III Runner Up
4A State Runner Up

Twelve Pillars of Lady Knights Basketball

Our Philosophy is simple: “PLAY HARD, PLAY SMART, and PLAY TOGETHER”

Lady Knights Vision

We understand that we are a reflection of Bishop Kelly basketball, the bishop Kelly community, and our families. We will strive to represent these core areas with moral responsibility, class, and integrity. We will, achieve a high level of success through hard work, determination, and a dedication towards one another. Fundamentals, teamwork, and discipline will be the foundation of our programs culture. We work towards perfection on the court, in the classroom, and in our community.

To Stay with US:

  1. Be committed to your academics: You are a STUDENT-athlete- Know your requirements…make a plan…graduate. Go to class every day. Be on time. Sit in the front of the class. Take good notes. Do all the extra work you can. Talk to your teacher if you are having difficulties and get help when you need it.
  2. Be committed to having class- treat teachers, support staff, food service workers, trainers, and all you meet with respect. Treat each other the way you want to be treated. Moody people are rude. Say please and thank you.
  3. Be committed to doing the right thing- WE have plenty of school rules…know them. Always do the right thing. Our decisions define who WE are.
  4. Be committed to the program- WE believe in always being on time and being engaged in what we are doing. Being part of our program provides many opportunities yet brings many responsibilities. WE must be committed to each other through both the good and the bad. Commitment leads to success!